Gallery Residency

During the month of September 2021 the basic premise presents Jmy James Kidd and Tara Jane O’Neil.

Open Studio
every thur & sun
indoors, masks required
11am – 1pm
for entire month of Sept, 2021

Events – performances happening inside the gallery with audience standing or seated on sidewalk looking in thru large windows.
Sept 4, 2 – 3:30pm FeltLoom Demo
Sept 4, 6:30pm Dance + Music Performance with Jmy James Kidd, Perin Hailey McNelis + Tara Jane O’Neil
Sept 10, 7:30pm Elaine Carey, Jmy James Kidd, Pauline Lay, Tara Jane O’Neil, Gabie Strong improvise together + Shelley Burgon does a set on harp
Sept 12, 6:30pm Archie Carey and Odeya Nini perform Sound Waves
Sept 18, 7:30pm Kae
Sept 24, 7:30pm Alana Frey and Jamie Green perform Flouring
Sept 29, 7:30pm closing event

Over 4 weeks inside the basic premise we will transform the space into art studio, rehearsal studio, performance venue, and gallery space as we explore new containers by which to connect to our individual practices and our collaborative processes in this extended time following the big shift of 2020.

As lifelong performers and curators, this is a time of reimagining and an opportunity to create  new ways to relate, evolve, perform, generate and share worlds with other artists of all stripes, and with persons experiencing with us as witness/audience.

We are inviting artists from inside and outside of Ojai to join us in experimentation and performance that is both planned and spontaneous. We are inviting the public to visit during open studio hours.

Tara Jane and Jmy have an ongoing music and dance collaboration begun in 2012 and also maintain their individual work within these performative forms.  Each of them also have visual art practices which will be a significant part of the experiment and exhibition following the completion of September.

TJO and Jmy are currently in the process of rebuilding a home in Upper Ojai that was fully consumed in 2017 by the Thomas Fire.

Thank you to the basic premise for inviting us in.