Knees, Schools, Urges

The Now that has passed before you finish saying it. FELT TIME THE HISTORY OF NOW by Jmy James Kidd is the gathered works for Urges, Schools, Knees group exhibition at The Box Gallery LA.  Material and immaterial collaborations with dancer Perin Hailey, Artist Consultant Nick Duran Fair and musician Tara Jane O’Neil. TJ and Jmy perform Body and Bass, a 10-year ongoing project of intertwined dance, music & living. Perin and Jmy perform Believers, a dance made for sanity during the pandemic. Soft Round Broken Threaded, a FeltLoom piece created from sweaters out of Pieter’s Free Boutique hangs in the gallery. A Risograph Book and LP designed and printed by caroline partamian gives context and connection to stories, experiences, philosophies and is the gateway to the sonic document of this energetic decade, Tara Jane’s Music for Movement. I’m a dancer branches out from the writing in the Risograph book, gives voice to and invites participation from all dancers. Sessions with Artist Consultant Nick gave shape to the visioning process.